Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Band 10 notes blue and bottom motifs

Band 10 Blue
My #23 which is beside 20 looks like #28
#56 is the start at #1 again.
Bottom row
The chestnut diamonds rotate their location 1 sits to the right of the chestnut bar the 2nd sits to the left of the chestnut bar. If you notice this out of sync look for an error.
The chestnut bar below the diamonds -skipping the beginning- one chest nut bar then two then one etc with the blues opposite in count. 2 -1-2 etc.
I checked the diamonds often 1 bar on left 2 bar on right etc to make sure I was doing the correct
diamond each time.
The #9 shares hole with #11
#14 shares with #13

Band 10 Completed

Band 10 Left side

Band 10 mid section

Band 10 right

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Band 10 Notes

Band 10
The instructions begin with Chestnut 1 the skip then up with 2. The picture shows chestnut- blue- chestnut -then up with #2. There us also a slant line after #2 that has no number and not to be used. I am going to follow the chart otherwise my blue number sequence won't match up and I would have to rip out and rechart the number sequence. It also coincides with sheet A.

The last chestnut motif number sequence is:

Band 10 Chestnut Section

Band 10 Chestnut part Mid section

Band 10 Chestnut part left side

Band 10 Chestnut part right side