Sunday, October 7, 2012

Band 23 Long Arm Cross

Same as row 21 but in Dark Tan

Band 22 on hold

Putting this band on hold until I decide how I'm going to add her name and my own.

Band 21 completed

Band 21

The chart doesn't show it ending even with the prior row but the original does so I ended my run even also.

Band 21 Long Arm Cross note

The instructions they give are unlike any Long Arm Cross I've ever done. So
I just used the old fashioned way like this picture. You can also go to Victoria Sampler
And use her stitch animation tool.

Band 20 completed

This is mostly cross stitch. A pleasant break from the running stitch. Best to use colour photos to confirm colour use plus use the detail diagram to mark off symbols as they are completed.

Band 20 Left side