Monday, September 14, 2015

Lois Dorrell's masterpiece reversible

After completing my Lora sampler I can truly appreciate anyone else's finish. But when I saw Lois Dorrell's reversible, double-sided finish I was awestruck. It was a major challenge to complete the sampler just one-sided but to take on the reversible version to me took guts. Here are some wonderful pictures of her masterpiece. You can also visit her blog here. Lois Dorrell . I hope everyone that wants to complete this piece does so. You and your family will admire it forever.

Front view on her lovely easel display.

Back view.  What a wonderful easel.

Close up of frame.

Her signature line.

Front and back. How wonderful. Can't tell the difference. What superb stitching


close up of her Standish stitch. Just perfect.

Thank you Lois for sharing your wonderful finish.