Sunday, April 3, 2011

Loara Standish Band 2

The chart says count down 6 threads but I figured that is where you begin the next stitch below. Not 6 stitches between rows at least not what I could tell from the picture. I put 3 threads between row 1 and 2.

Band Two took me a bit to get use to since its stitched "over 3". If you remember that when you come up at a vertical thread you cross down into a vertical thread and same when coming up at a horizontal thread then down a horizontal. And if stitching upward or downward in a continuous row you will do one in a vertical then the next horizontal etc. Once you get the routine down its pretty simple. The tendrils or backstitches on the chart aren't easy to tell which is what colour so I had to look at the picture. The tendrils coming off the blue crosses are blue and the BS off the tan crosses are tan. Here you can also see a close up of Band 1

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