Sunday, April 3, 2011

Loara Standish Sampler-non-reversible-Band 1

The fabric came in the kit and it 35ct so the finished sampler won't be as small as the original which was stitched over 50 ct.


  1. I have just looked through all of your Loara blog...brought back lots of memories. While looking at the different bands, I realized that some of what you were doing was different than what I did...and then I realized that you were doing the non-reversible version...when I did mine Joanne Harvey hadn't done the non-reversible graph it hadn't been put out there for sale yet. I did band 1 and part of the next band while in Plymouth under Joanne's tutelage...what a privilege! Every time I walk by my Loara Sampler I can't believe that I stitched it! I still have the beautiful box that the sampler came in...filled with the left over silk threads. And, that long arm cross that Joanne did...well, it was different than the usual...and you are right it was to make it reversible...lots of passes to make it look the same on the front and back. Joanne at first thought it was a montenegrin...that is till she had the privelege to see it out of the frame and found out that it was reversible...and she went back to the drawing board with photos that her husband was allowed to take and she figured out how to make each stitch reversible...quite a story to hear her tell of her adventure with Loara...such dedication to the stitching arts!

  2. I am having issues with the Standish Stitch and making it reversible. The stitch does not come out with a an "arrow" down and a "cross" on the back as it does on the front following the instructions in my kit. Is there somewhere I can see a video or more instructions? Or can you walk me through it?

    1. I didn't do the reversible. The comment above did. She may be able to help or contact the designe