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The Loara Standish Story

Loara Standish story

Loara Standish Sampler.

Made by Loara Standish.

Material : Linen with silk embroidery.

Made in Duxbury, MA, c1653.

Descended in the Standish and Alden families.
Loara Standish, daughter of Captain Myles Standish, is thought to have made this sampler in her teens. It is the earliest known American-made sampler and the earliest known sampler with a verse.
Samplers of the 16th to mid 18th centuries served as permanent records of stitches and designs, intended for reference, unlike later samplers that were planned for display. American samplers followed the British form, as instruction in needlework passed from mother to daughter.
Typically, Loara Standish’s sampler is long and narrow (measuring approximately 7 1/4" wide x 23 1/2" tall) with patterns arranged in horizontal bands. Stitches, worked in counted thread embroidery on very fine 50-count linen, include Montenegrin cross, long-armed cross, back, outline, eyelet, double running and arrow-head. The rose, carnation, oak leaf and an intertwined "S" are among the stylized floral motifs above the verse :

"Loara Standish is my name

Lorde guide my hart that

I may doe thy will also

My hands with such

Convenient skill as may

Conduce to virtue void of

Shame and I will give

The glory to thy name"

Pilgrim Hall-Sampler Info

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